Routing protocols


OLSR (or the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol)


Part of the Robin firmware (see below) and the Commotion Wireless project.



Implemented by the folks at Freifunk, B.A.T.M.A.N. (Better Approach To Mobile Ad-hoc Networking) is intendended to be a replacement for OLSR.


Freifunk seem to be the sole implementors of this protocol (?). The first and second version were using UDP (port 1966) for propagating route information, and were implemented as a daemon (batmand). The third implementation switched to layer 2 for routing advertisement and is now implemented in the kernel (batman-adv).

BATMAN is also used in a very nice project called Village-Telco. They have build a device (the Mesh Potato) with mesh and a phone interface (ATA)to run a private telco. This project is growing fast (development in SA and Germany) The main developper of BATMAN, Elektra, is working heavily on the project.


See also our batman page.


"Babel is a loop-avoiding distance-vector routing protocol for IPv6 and IPv4 with fast convergence properties. It is based on the ideas in DSDV, AODV and Cisco's EIGRP, but is designed to work well not only in wired networks but also in wireless mesh networks."

Babel runs as a userland daemon, either standalone or part of the Quagga daemon. It is used by the Byzantium project.

And it's an RFC (RFC 6126).

Our configuation notes are in babel.


CJDNS is a decentralised routing protocol that depends on a IPv6 and shared hash table, aimed at "security, scalability, speed and ease of use."

It is the backend of Project meshnet also known as the Hyperboria network.



basic distribution. features OLSRd and Batman-adv.

Réseau Libre

Based on OpenWRT, see compile.


Fork of OpenWRT that features:

  • Babel + quagga
  • IPv6
  • "bufferbloat" workarounds
  • LuCI


Based on OpenWrt, Robin seems to be a fairly complete solution integrating BATMAN and a GUI. See ?Robin for our notes on how to configure robin.

Not actively maintained for the past two years?


AirOS est le système d'exploitation qui vient par défaut avec les NanoStation d'Unbt. Pourrions-nous y faire rouler OLSR?

(!) Update: je sais que rene @ opennet roule OLSR avec une distro custom sur les machines de Unbt... Voir -- anarcat 2011-10-11


Firmware based on OpenWRT, OLSR and a VPN.


They have an OLSR-based Broadcom firmware: "OpenWrt is heading straight for an universal embedded Linux distro, whereas the Freifunk Firmware will stay with Linksys/Broadcom." (ff-firmware)


Batman + scripts pour OpenWRT Kamikaze, ne semble plus développé depuis 2010.


Développé par AthensWireless. Interface web de gestion de nodes. Version 2 prévue, mais pas encore de détails là-dessus.

(genb: j'ai regardé vite vite, mais j'ai pas trouvé comment c'est lié au firmware et comment indiquer à ce système si un node est up ou down)

Node Databases


Développé par Wlan Slovenija: Générateur de firmware openwrt + OLSR, pas mal de trucs qui ont l'air intéressants


Nodeshot, developed by Ninux, allows members to add their node and to share and manage information about their configurations like devices, ip addresses, wireless parameters etc. It is based on WNMap, and is scriptable.


Developed by the members of Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) located in Athens, Greece.